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Faux Fun and 6 x 6
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Oregon Coast
Paintings by Kristen O’Neill

Series Catalyst

The Oregon Coast series explores the trail that follows the entire Oregon coastline as hiked and photographed by Pete Miller in the summer of 2016.  Originally, I wanted to experience the trail firsthand. Like many of the experiences we want to have, I was not going to be able to do this long-distance hike.  I was not ready to give up on the idea. A plan was hatched that Miller would send me photos as he hiked.

Each day I woke up early and painted an entire painting in one sitting. Diving into all the possibilities from the photos that I received, I would select the one that sang to me. At the end of the painting session, I would photograph my painting, and send it back to Miller. It was as if I was just one day behind him on the trail every day, cheering him on has he pushed through 20+ mile days.

Artist Statement

In this series, I painted locations accurately, prioritizing the essence of a place by eliminating unnecessary details. This painterly approach generates landscapes with fidelity to the colors and forms that comprise the coastal terrain. My artist influences include the Group of Seven, Jennifer Bartlett, Marsden Hartley, and Katsushika Hokusai.

The larger paintings are inspired by Jamie Kish, biologist and photographer of Girl in Water Photography, and painted with her blessing. Her up-close experiences of the coastline inspired me. I enjoyed the play of making large, dynamic paintings based on small, ephemeral Instagram posts.

I trust viewers will gain an appreciation of the trail. For those who have already hiked it, or seen parts of the Oregon coastline, I believe these paintings will act a trigger for their own memories. We often secure our memories to a place and to see it again is to relive that part of our lives. People recognize a place and share their wonderful tales with me. One woman recognized the very spot that she had gotten engaged at, thirty years prior. There is a sense of place that often goes far beyond. I paint that truth. For me Heceta Head isn’t the lighthouse – it is the color of the sky on the water as it flows into the Pacific.

wKristen ONeill After SunsetAfter Sunset

wKristen ONeill GeologyGeology

wKristen ONeill Cape KiwandaCape Kiwanda

wKristen ONeill CrashingCrashing.

wKristen ONeill A Path of SandA Path of Sand

Gabriel Mark Lipper
June 1 through July 28






Grayscale in Fiber
Sandra Poteet






Exhibition Dates: November 17 through December 21
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Paintings by VINCE CARL
April 1 through May 15

In the course of experiencing a place I am left with, images, feelings, and sensory input, these are the impressions that I reflect on when creating this work. The paintings are a composite of those ingredients used to develop a feeling rather than a literal representation of the place itself.

This exhibit reflects my experience using a combination of past, present, or future states. Through the work I reference impact consumerism has on ecosystems, nature, and the planet. I attempt to illuminate possible consequences that may occur from actions, habits, and policies? I sometimes depict the same scene before and as a consequence of accepted practices.

One painting leads to the next. While exploring my next response I reflect on previous results, sometimes they work as expected other times they become underpainting and are obscured. Time well spent regardless.

For me, the excitement is in discovering the unexpected occurrence and building on it.

Wound for ReboundWound for Rebound

 Those Crazy WallsThose Crazy Walls

 Green Haze and YamGreen Haze and Yam

Contracting EnvironsContracting Environs