September 27 through November 11


Walt Padgett pursued fine arts studies at Florida State University, earning Bachelors, and Masters, of Fine Arts degrees in the field of sculpture. In 1971 he was hired into the opening faculty of a new institution in Southern Oregon, Rogue Community College, for which he was the Art Department Chairman for twelve years, and taught fine art for over thirty years, assisting in the development of the Art Department as it grew in both Josephine and Jackson Counties.  
In 1983/’84 he took a sabbatical-based leave of absence, to pursue studies in Japanese woodblock printmaking, including training, and travel in Japan. To this day, Mr. Padgett continues to produce prints inspired by this travel, augmented by further research and travel in Japan.
In September of 2008, he was awarded the Takanabe Town Mayor’s Prize for a woodblock print exhibited at the Takanabe Museum (Kyushu, Japan); the piece was part of a traveling exhibition of prints from the prestigious Kyoto International Woodprint Association’s permanent collection of prints from around the world.  Museums, universities and colleges, institutions, corporations, and private collectors, have acquired Mr. Padgett’s work. As an artist, he is becoming widely recognized for his quality of vision, and versatility in both style and skill.

zNissaka Green Tea FieldszMt. Fuji

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