Nov 17th - Dec 16th
“Annual Membership Exhibition”

A non-juried exhibition of works by Museum members
that is enjoyed by the entire community.

Creative dimensions in wood
June 3 - July 31, 2015
Photos by Mark Simonds

Both of these artists create their sculptures from wood. But beyond this similarity, the results are very different.
Christian carves his pieces from whole blocks of wood, allowing you to discern the original materials beyond the shape and decoration.
Peter builds his pieces up from base materials and adds visual and structural texture in the process.
Sponsored by: Ed Morey - Redwood Nursery

Museum ImagePeter Van Fleet - Golden ToccataChristian Burchard - Wrestling with the Riddle #18Christian Burchard - BlackDeer #10Peter Van Fleet - Geologic OverlayPeter Van Fleet - Darkling PlainChristian Burchard - BasketsMuseum Image

August 4th - September 15th

Girl With Checkered Past

Artist statement

“Each day working in my studio I start not knowing what image will emerge. I allow myself the freedom of indecisions, improvisations, and impulsiveness in my work, and that leads to exciting discoveries. Subjects of my encaustic (hot wax) work are non-objective and figurative painting and printmaking.

I’m impatient by nature, my process is intuitive, I most enjoy the journey of creating, figuring out what works, what to keep, and what to abandon, until the piece works for me. I have no compulsion to save every work I do. Many become the layered history for a new piece. Creating art energizes me, its a place where time is altered, where all my feelings and emotions appear at some time or another; pleased, tired, upbeat, excited, harried, surprised, and hopefully at some point, satisfied.”

Randall David Tipton, Ruth Armitage & Don Gray
February 23rd - March 30th  2018

zRandall David Tipton Winter BogRANDALL DAVID TIPTON - WINTER BOGzRuth Armitage Seismic ShiftRUTH ARMITAGE - SEISMIC SHIFTzDon Gray  Sense of PlaceDON GRAY - SENSE OF PLACE

Eiko Jones - Dramatic and surreal underwater photography
February 18 - March 27, 2015

Eiko Jones Photography presents unique portrayals of our world. Specializing in dramatic and surreal images, predominantly underwater photography, of freshwater lakes and rivers to the oceans of the world.

 Museum ImageLazy DaysCatching the LightCloud of TadpolesBetween a Million HeartbeatsUnderworldKelp EmbraceMuseum Image

April 2 - May 29, 2015
Photos by Mark Simonds

Brenda Mallory created this exhibit to express her feelings toward her tribe, the Cherokee. She says that despite the ravages of war, both past and present, life through nature will continue to grow and thrive. Her exhibit displays nature: seeds and spores that continue to thrive throughout the centuries.

Brenda MalloryBrenda MalloryBrenda MalloryBrenda MalloryBrenda Mallory

August 4th - September 15th
2017 Dianne Jean Erickson Postcard Master 1