November 20 - December 17, 2015
Photos by Mark Simonds

Every year, the accomplished artist members of Grants Pass Museum of Art submit an art piece to the museum for this exhibit. This show is an eclectic collection of some very fine work. Join us in celebrating this distinctive exhibition. This year we have the ability to add temporary display walls to our floorspace so we have invited our member artists to display up to two pieces each for our audience's pleasure.

Left Wallright wall
Bird of Paradise - Julie Bickle"Timber Wolf" Yovette Bronson Oil"Fish Of Chips" Karen Jordann Mixed media "Avenue Of The Boulders" Valente Orneias Acrylic "Pebble Beach" Lynne Goulette Fiber Art "Trout" Judy Elliott Hand painted silk"Grotte de Castro" John Spetter Pen / InkMuseum Image

James Condos
Art which is inhabited by creatures real and fantastical
June 1st - July 27th  2018
(Sponsored by Jeffrey and Inger Bellamy)

James Condos Postcard Image 2


AMBUS "a group exhibit"
August 3rd - September 13th  2018


EmancipatorHe Will Tell You About the FutureEGGS



September 29 - November 13, 2015
Photos by Mark Simonds

The Grants Pass Museum of Art has selected a group of regional figurative artist to present several of their new pieces for this exhibit. Though generated in a variety of styles and media, these pieces of artwork illustrating the human form all evoke an emotional response.

Museum Image

"Portrait of Lara" Jenay Elder Oil on canvas 9" x 12""Ribbons in my Hair" Sheri Denardi Oil on linen 16.5" x 19.5" "Between Gigs" Charity Hubbard Oil 16" x 11"
"Plum Tuckered Out" Debby Fisher Oil on linen panel 20" x 16""Jake in Profile" Lynn Powers Watercolor on paper 22" x 22""Girl Talk" Sylvia Miller Watercolor 36" x 28"Museum Image

Black, White & the Blues Preview
January 17th - February 15th 2018


Coleman Wally.02.2018Koch Robert02..2018Morton Joshua Johnnhy Cash.02.2018O'Brien Karen.02.2018




Representational fabric collage
August 4 - September 25, 2015

Leni Wiener is an internationally renowned fabric artist, having displayed her work in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia. "My work can best be described as representational fabric collage. Although I am moved by the beauty of nature, I am most inspired by the people around me."
This exhibit started with photographs of people sitting on park benches, taken on her worldly travels."

 Museum ImageAfternoon TreatLooks Like RainWe Need to Talk Long Day Secret Moment Three BoysMuseum Image

National Watercolor Society Exhibition
Sponsored by: Redwood Nursery

August 2 through September 16, 2016

Grants Pass Museum of Art presents the National Watercolor Society in the August - September exhibit. This exhibition shows some of the best watercolor atists in America.

 Ruth Armatige |  “Hot Wind” Sharon Feingold | "Let’s  Talk"Carol Creel | “Marbles ”Mike Kowalski | “Old World"Susan Avis Murphy | “In Their Own World"Derek Robertson | “The Hares Dance”