Rich Bergeman – The Land Remembers
Photographs inspired by the Rogue River Wars
August 2 – September 20

A contemplative study of a sublime landscape that played host to the tragic events of the Rogue River Wars.
It uses infrared photography for its haunting quality that helps transport viewers to another time.

LowerWilliamsCreekValleyUpperApplegateRiverGraveCreekHills WolfCreekBattleRock PortOrford

Allen Smith Exhibit
October 5th - November 9th  2018

zAngel Island2

ZNoumenon 10
zzNoumenon 7 zNoumenon 7

Annual Black, White & the Blues auction items
January 13 - February 11, 2016
Photos by Mark Simonds

Grants Pass Museum of Art has one of its biggest fundraising events in February: Black, White & the Blues. This event combines several wonderful things to make it truly a memorable event. First, there is a marvelous collection of hors d'oeuvres and a no-host bar. This makes the perfect time to greet your friends and check out the Silent Auction and Live Auction items on which you are going to bid. Then, after the auctions, a live blues band entertains you for the rest of the evening, where you can just sit back and enjoy the music, or get out on the dance floor to show your stuff.

Of course, everyone wants to get an early peek at the auction items, both live and silent. That is what this exhibit is all about. The items from both auctions are available for viewing at the museum. In fact, you can even get a head-start on the silent auction by placing your bid on the bid-cards provided. Then again, you might have to come back often to reperuse the items and make sure your bid is still the winner.

Museum ImageUntitled Buckeye Burl - Gary Burns Orchid Hand Painted Silk - Judy ElliottSweet Spring Dreams Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas - Karen O'BrienMultnomah Falls Photograph on Canvas - Richard BagdonasWhere the Earth is Laid There Photograph - Ross JessweinWe See the Light #2 Ceramics - Kazuko YoungBranches and Snow Oil on Canvas - Kristen O'NeillMuseum Image

Membership Exhibit
November 16th - December 20th  2018

Sponsored by ROE MOTORS

IMG 20181114 101623550

Catherine Wiley Lady with a Pearl EarringDarci Spetter Expressions in Red 2 Leopard Donna WalshLori Garfield Hello HandsomeRichard Marx Contemplation

June 1 – July 26
SAQA – Turmoil and Tranquility

Turmoil Tranquility

November 20 - December 17, 2015
Photos by Mark Simonds

Every year, the accomplished artist members of Grants Pass Museum of Art submit an art piece to the museum for this exhibit. This show is an eclectic collection of some very fine work. Join us in celebrating this distinctive exhibition. This year we have the ability to add temporary display walls to our floorspace so we have invited our member artists to display up to two pieces each for our audience's pleasure.

Left Wallright wall
Bird of Paradise - Julie Bickle"Timber Wolf" Yovette Bronson Oil"Fish Of Chips" Karen Jordann Mixed media "Avenue Of The Boulders" Valente Orneias Acrylic "Pebble Beach" Lynne Goulette Fiber Art "Trout" Judy Elliott Hand painted silk"Grotte de Castro" John Spetter Pen / InkMuseum Image

James Condos
Art which is inhabited by creatures real and fantastical
June 1st - July 27th  2018
(Sponsored by Jeffrey and Inger Bellamy)

James Condos Postcard Image 2