Paintings by VINCE CARL
April 1 through May 15

In the course of experiencing a place I am left with, images, feelings, and sensory input, these are the impressions that I reflect on when creating this work. The paintings are a composite of those ingredients used to develop a feeling rather than a literal representation of the place itself.

This exhibit reflects my experience using a combination of past, present, or future states. Through the work I reference impact consumerism has on ecosystems, nature, and the planet. I attempt to illuminate possible consequences that may occur from actions, habits, and policies? I sometimes depict the same scene before and as a consequence of accepted practices.

One painting leads to the next. While exploring my next response I reflect on previous results, sometimes they work as expected other times they become underpainting and are obscured. Time well spent regardless.

For me, the excitement is in discovering the unexpected occurrence and building on it.

Wound for ReboundWound for Rebound

 Those Crazy WallsThose Crazy Walls

 Green Haze and YamGreen Haze and Yam

Contracting EnvironsContracting Environs

March 1 through March 25
Cascadia is a diverse bioregion; the Pacific Northwest. The sideways and
downward motion of the Cascadia Subduction Zone becomes a metaphor
in the digitally manipulated landscape images of this exhibit.
Multiple photographs and graphic information are collaged electronically to
produce a complex layering of visual drama.

Memory Lane of Exhibits by GPMA


Painting Outside
Ilene Gienger-Stanfield
July 27 through September 10

Ilene’s Plein air paintings portray an artist’s eye not for distant horizons, but for more intimate subjects full of color and drama.
Working from life Gienger-Stanfield utilizes thick passages of paint to portray the unfettered and unexpected character of common outdoor scenes.
Gienger-Stanfield is a member of Oil Painters of America, signature member of American Impressionist Society, Pastel Society of America Northwest Pastel Society, and master signature member of Women Artists of the West.


IMG 6812 copyMarried 8x16 2015 lgjpeg copyTool Festoon 12x12 oil 2020 lg copyMasonry 8x8 oil lgWALL 2

2021 Membership Exhibit
September 17 through October 15

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Current Exhibit
Faux Fun & 6 x 6 Fundraising Exhibit/Auction

We asked artists to donate a painting depicting a classic piece of art. They were asked to do a spoof or meme of the original. Their creativity is awesome.
25 fun and creative memes of famous paintings.

6" x 6"

We created a national call for art and received 231 amazing artworks from people all over the United States and Southern Oregon. The list of participating artists is at the end of the on-line catalog. Unique and beautiful 6"x 6" works of original art.

Sponsored by

Anne Brooke
May 3 through May 26

Elemental Dreams


Anne Brooke has a degree in art and is a member of the Waercolor Society of Oregon. She is noted for her drawing skills and vibrant use of color. Anne has taught drawing and watercolor for 15 years, helping to develop many prize-winning artists. Using a limited palette and value study of subject, she begins her pieces with an underpainting, developing a unique style.

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