Poetry4Second Friday Poetry Sharing
October 12th   7:00pm to 9:00pm

Grants Pass Museum of Art event
229 SW 'G' Street (upstairs)

Free to the public-donations welcome Read and/or listen to poetry.
Mark your calendar for every second Friday of the month.
For more information please call 541-479-3290

The optional theme for November: What's happening now?

"The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a
crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed."                          ~Eminem

"When you think positive good things happen."             ~Matt Kemp

"Love is like a virus. It can happen to any body at any time."
                                                                               ~Maya Angelou

"You begin by always expecting good things to happen."
                                                                                ~Tom Hopkins

"We won't really know what will happen until it happens."
                                                                            ~Helen Thomas

"When you remove layers simplicity and speed happen."
                                                                             ~Ginni Rometty

"The best things happen when you are not over thinking it."
                                                                             ~Ben Zobrist

"At the core, I'm pretty shy. I just happen to have a weird job."
                                                                              ~Johnny Debb

"When it is a live performance any thing can happen."
                                                                              ~Rene Angelil

Some headline stories on Goggle news (10-29-18, 9:30AM):

-As Pittsburgh synagogue reels from massacre, suspect due in court.
-Angela Merkel won't seek re-election in Germany.
-Hurricane Oscar swirls over western Atlantic
-Muslim groups raise money for Pittsburgh shooting.
-China's first orbital launch fails.
-43 shot, 5 fatally in Chicago weekend shootings.
-Millies Sandwich Shop damaged in crash.
-How Red Sox Bucked Convention to Build a Champion.
-Hubble Space Telescope Return to Action After Gyroscope Glitch.
-Rare Dumbo Octopus Has Been Filmed Swimming in Deep Ocean.
-Dogs can detect malaria by sniffing peoples socks.

Second Friday Poetry Sharing is divided into two sessions. People read
up to two poems a session (4-5 min.). Yes, again thanks to everyone who
attends and a special shout out to everyone who contributes snacks for
the break. See you on the 12th upstairs.  Cal