DWTS 2020 Poster
The Utah Ballroom Dance Company (located in Portland) contacted the museum and wanted us to sponsor this event. They have been doing this in Oregon for a number of years and it’s a highly successful and fun event.
The museum will be the producer of the event. We have engaged the help of eight local nonprofits who will have contestants. The nonprofit organizations are:

College Dreams
Crossing Bridges
Friends of the Caves & Chateau
Josephine County Youth Foundation
RCC Foundation
Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Women's Crisis Support Team

When: Saturday, May 16
Where: Performing Arts Center
What time: 7:30pm
Tickets: $25 each (available after March 1)
Tickets purchased on line will receive tickets in the mail.
Tickets purchased after May 1 will be "Will Call" at the event.

How it works:
Each nonprofit will invite as many of their “following” as possible. Their contestants have been picked because they have a large circle of influence. The idea is to “pack the PAC” with attendees. And it is hoped that the attendees will have money for votes. The first half of the program is the actual contest. Each of the contestants will perform with one of the Ballroom Dance company dancers. Then there will be an intermission – the time for the votes. Every vote equals $1. The contestant with the most votes will win a fabulous trophy for their nonprofit. The nonprofits will keep the money from the votes.
After intermission, (while the votes are being counted) the professional dancers will perform. At the very end, the winner will be announced.
We are hoping this will become a signature event for our community. The museum’s proceeds will be used to help pay for the Fifth Grade Field Trips to the museum each year.